Beliefs About Abundance

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Your beliefs about abundance determine what you’re willing to go for and what you’ll allow yourself to have. Typically, these beliefs manifest when talking about money and success. For example, if you hold a belief that wealthy people must be dishonest and don’t believe yourself to be dishonest, you will undermine your ability to create wealth. And if you think that professionally successful people have to sacrifice their families to be successful and believe it’s wrong to do so, you will sabotage your efforts toward professional growth and achievement. 

One Thing to Think About
The truth is, life is filled with abundance. There is no shortage of any good thing in this world. Yet, if you grew up with messages about scarcity or witnessed the rejection of accomplished people, it’s quite possible you’ve developed a set of unhealthy beliefs about the availability or consequences of abundance.

One Question to Answer
Do you believe there is enough wealth and success to go around? Do you think that people who have a lot in their lives must be dishonest or must have to work harder than you’re willing to work? Have you invested yourself in the false notion that for you to win someone else has to lose?

One Challenge to Take
1. Identify one empowering belief you have about abundance.

2. How has that belief served you in your life and work?

3. Now, identify one disempowering belief you have about abundance.

4. For each belief, ask yourself the following:

Identify it—Write the belief down.

Define it—What is supporting this belief? What experiences are you using to prove the belief?

Disprove it—Are your proof points really valid? What else could they mean?

Shift it—How could you improve upon this need, so that it serves you? What proof points could you use to support it?



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