Believe in Yourself

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You’re more beautiful than you think, you’re more talented then you know, and you are loved more then you realize. 

We are our own worst critics. I promise you that people don’t think the things that YOU think about yourself. In fact, so many people admire you from afar, and love the very same things that you despise about yourself. Often, it’s what we consider our “flaws” that make us different and unique. Often, the thing you consider to be your biggest weakness is actually your biggest strength. 

It’s so scary to believe in yourself. It’s so hard to muster up courage. It’s easy to just stay in the background because we worry what others will think of us or we don’t believe we are qualified. But that is not why you are here. You were given “flaws” and “weaknesses” to learn how to overcome them. Your purpose is to find self-love and self-acceptance, and to find that unique thing about yourself and bring that out into the world. The world is waiting for you. You have something that no one else in this world has, but if you stay in the background, we will never get to see it. 

You might think that you could never do it, but what you don’t know is that inside of you there is a whole well of courage, waiting for you to tap into it. That well of courage will never run dry, it is there for you and it is endless. There is also a well of strength, intelligence, and love, dWELLing inside of you, it has always been there and it can never be taken from you. Once you begin to utilize it, it just keeps coming and you get more and more of it until it is just a continuous flow.

So don’t be afraid. It’s okay to be different; it’s okay to be YOU. Just muster up the courage to tap into that well and once you do you will see that it was easier then you thought it would be, and you will be shown that you really can do anything.


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