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The Best Vacation Ever

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If you read all my articles, you would know it involves either dreams or weird things happening to me. All of them seems non-fiction. Wrong. Every word I’m typing is true. And if you don’t believe me, too bad. This story isn’t any different.

I went to the Amazon Forest. And I saw mountains, waterfalls. The grass was dark green. Well it was really wet too. I was with my kids, Kalie and Stephanie, their twins. They’re four years old. They are smart and know a lot.

Right now, you might be saying okay, you’ve changed the subject three times—now get to the point. To get my point, you must know that my kid’s father passed away a month ago. They remember him a lot. At the vacation, my kids were five yards behind me and they ran to me staring at the closest mountain. I didn’t know what they were staring at. If you want to know what they were staring at and what I soon realized they were seeing the same things I do, you have to become friends with me and I must trust on your judgment. If you knew what happened, you would know why I would make this distinction.


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