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Birthday Thoughts

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It’s my birthday today. Forty-one. Strangely enough, I feel like I just entered my forties and not a year ago! Don’t know why, but that’s what it feels like … And I like it. I like the me of now.

It’s been a year full of wonderful moments … and stupid mistakes. Wonderful moments by the sea, mostly by myself, which I love, and precious moments with friends. As for my stupid mistakes those are entirely dedicated to a man that I have realized finally that I’m too good for, a day before my birthday … See why I like feeling forty? Forty is good. It helps you remember who you are!

The dream of moving in an apartment by the sea is not reality yet, but it feels like becoming more and more real every day. The target is that my next birthday will be celebrated there. It’d be an hour’s drive for my friends but they’ll manage, I’m sure.

And I’m more self-assured than I have been in the last four years. I better get organized so that all my thoughts for my life are my reality by my forty-second birthday!

Is all this in the forty-something decade territory? All these thoughts and realizations? The where am I going and what have I done so far thoughts?

Oh, well, let’s see how this year will go! Will I learn to act like a forty-something finally?!


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