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Black Magic Exists in India: A True Story

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This is the story of my family who is understood as well qualified family who is not superstitious. But it happened which made my father sick and took life of my brother. This is talk of period between 1992-1995.

We bought a plot to build a new house. When construction work started, a man named “Munsi Ram” came to my mother and asked her “You have not done the right thing to me. I wanted to buy this plot for my elder son.” My mother replied humbly “is it ? OK pay us the value of plot and buy it.” Then Munsi Ram replied “No it is too late.” This was the birth of enmity between us about which we were not aware of. We shifted to our new home. After some days, we used to observe some wild flower and blood at the exit of our home. Since we were not believer of magical powers, we ignored such kind of things.

In the year 1993, it was time around 1 a.m. in the night, day Monday, I heard that some stones had fallen my home. There were around 4-5 stones which fell together. Since it fell together, it took no time to me to guess the direction from where those stones had been thrown. It was another neighbour named Dinesh, friend of Munsi Ram who did it. We asked him about it next day which he did accepted. Ultimately, we had to call the police. After going under investigation, Dinesh accepted that he thrown those stones. Policy took him into custody. But as usual in India, many things are resolved by compromise, it happened with us too. Dinesh was out of police custody as his relatives and friend pleaded before us to take the case back. My father was the first and only person, who touched those stones. On Sunday night of same week near about 3 a.m., a severe pain started in my father’s stomach. The pain became so intense that we took him to a doctor’s clinic. This doctor gave some pain killers and couple of glucose dips. Since doctor’s clinic had no advance facility of diagnostics, he just guessed that this pain could be because of ulcer in stomach. Ultimately my father came back to home and sustained himself on the basis of pain killers. But history repeated itself, on the same day of next week around 12:30 am in the nite. This time father asked us to take him to hospital as he was not able to bear pain any longer. We took him to Escort Hospital and Research Centre, Faridabad. They kept my father for two days there and did some tests like ultrasound, x-rays, blood test, urine test etc. In the final report, they declared that gall bladder is not functioning. Why it was not functioning, they were not clear. So they asked my father to go for operation so that they could take the gall bladder out of the body. Since my father no such kind of illness, even related to digestion, my father insisted on taking second opinion from other hospital. He got discharged from hospital. He did not go for second opinion for few days but his hunger was almost killed. He was becoming weak day by days as could not eat as per his body requirements. Whenever he tried to eat even little more, he go everything out by vomiting.

One day, a friend of my mother came to us. She said the ill health may be because of occult. She offered to take my mom to some priest. My mother went with her. The priest told my mother “somebody has spelled some occult over your husband. It can kill your husband within 40 days if it is not treated.” My mother go scared and asked the solution for it. The priest gave some scented sticks and asked my mother “Light one scented stick very night at your exit door.”  My mother started doing as priest told her. But there was no improvement in the health of my father except pain (may be some painkiller was doing the magic). One day, an acquainted person came to my mother. My mother told him the whole story. He said “Why you are wondering here and there. If there is some thing like occult, my cousin brother, named Ashok, can treat it”. He called his cousin brother at our home. He saw my father from a distance and then he told my mother “This is an occult called kaliya massan. It kills a person within the period of 40 days from its effective date. We need to treat it as soon as possible.” He prepared some list of items and asked to buy and get things before his next visit. My father was not aware of all these things but when he came to know, he scolded my mother for these senseless actions and beliefs in the age of science. But my mother did not listen anything. Me and My elder brother, Pankaj, brought all those stuffs as demanded by Ashok. The things included some liquor and a live male chicken. Ashok demanded a lone room in which my father was required along with him. He said “if you want to see my doings, you can see but pin drop silence must be there. Also one should get scared too.” Me and My Brother Pankaj joined him. We saw that he kept spelling some magical words for around 40 minutes over my father. At last, he killed male chicken on the head of my father.  He said “now your father is alright. But since these occult powers has hurted his body, you should give milk to him daily.”

Within a week, my father regained the health and was able to eat all things as usual. After being warned by doctors that if he would not go for operation of gal bladder, gal bladder could blast in stomach, what happened then? What medical reports has to say? But it happened. The worst thing was that we knew who did all these occult, we could not any harm to him. Because law does not believe in it.

We saved our father, but we were not able to save my brother who died in 40 days of getting bad dream very much like which my father had, when he fell ill. The strange thing was that almost every body in family dreamt about my brother’s accident, but nobody could have tell to each other and even tried to stop it. It was black magic after which we left our home and sold it after few years.

But it happens. Black Magic still exists in the world. The villagers of Munsi Ram’s village are really scared of him. Everybody knows about him but nobody can prove it. In this age of science, we even don’t believe in this.

I tried to write this story in minimum words. I have very scary happenings in my memory which indicated that my brother was killed by Munsi Ram. I would tell you people the secret behind my brother’s demise in our next meet. It’s true that if your will power is very strong, this occult can’t affect you much.


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