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When I began two years ago to write short stories about my past relationship I thought of it as therapeutic . . . but I recently have attempted to add some new material and find that I can’t. I no longer have the passion to write about how I was wronged, or at least my perception of the facts. I am glad I am past that point. I struggled for two years to pick apart and examine every little thing about a relationship with a man that today I would not give an upward glance to. I WASTED those years and what feels like some of my best years and am determined to get them back.

I am happy to report that I am starting a new life with my own goals; not goals that I think others will approve of, but goals that mean a lot to me. Finally . . .

I will be writing a couple days a week. It is therapeutic and has helped in the past. I am hoping to reap different perspectives on a couple of quandaries in my life. A little catch up/back story tomorrow.

Type at ya then :)



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