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It took me almost three years to finish writing my first book. During my younger years, I tried writing one, but I could no finish it for some unexplainable reason. I was always having some mental blocks. However, as I was reaching my senior age, from out of the blue, an inner force stirred me to write again. Truth to tell, even the title of my written work came to me as an insight.
I was in front of my computer then, playing a word game to pass the time when an inner voice whispered to me the words “Spiritual Reality”. I stopped what I was doing and using my optical mouse, I automatically doubled clicked my Microsoft Word. I started writing my rough draft. I was so surprised that ideas came freely as if an invisible presence was dictating to me the messages that I was to type on my computer keyboard. I was really having an easy time putting in words all the thoughts that were running in my brain.
So, everyday for the next several months, I was just writing. Consciously, I knew the titles of its six chapters, but I could not grasp yet how I would elaborate on each subject matter in detail.
My book has six chapters. They are as follows: Chapter I: “Life”, Chapter II: “I AM WHO I AM”, Chapter III: “I am”, Chapter IV: “Your Mind And Heart”, Chapter V: “Needs”, and Chapter VI: “An Excerpt Of My Interview With God”. It has also my “Foreword” and “Addendum”.
When I finished writing the final blueprint, I was so proud of myself. Nonetheless, when I printed it I was dismayed to find out that I had just written sixty pages of it, which are not enough pages for a paperback. I started to write again. An inspiration came to me that I should intersperse each subject with the story of my life. Thus, my book was a composite of developing one’s psychic skills, strengthening human spirituality, my personal history as a psychic and as a mortal being.
It took me more than two years to write the 367 pages of my book. Another year of editing and refining my manuscript. It is now in the hands of a good Samaritan, a publisher who is willing to print into book form my written work.
Of all the topics in my book, I have a strong feeling that Chapter V and VI can cause some anger in the hearts of some people, particularly the religious folks. However, I do believe in the saying that you cannot please everybody. In this sense, I can say, “So be It.”
Here are some kickers I have quoted from my book …

“As you experience the fast modernization of your civilization, the quintessence of the natural world outside of you and the soul inside your being are slowly disintegrating … ”

“The scientific minds among you made science a god in itself … ”

“The religious shepherds in your midst have made you believe in a divine being who can be so insecure of the other gods and goddesses … ”

“Life does not begin when the human fetus starts to have a heartbeat … ”

“I bravely dare to say that your bible is the most exploited sacred book in the world … ”

“Your mind articulates in pictures … ”

“All things on the planet, breathing or not have a reason for its existence … ”

“Even non-living things have its needs … ”
“Frequently, during your conversation with Him, the voice you can only hear is your own.”


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