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Born in the Wrong Century

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I took it out of my mother's china cabinet, wound it up, and set it on the table. The baroque style man and woman figurine twirled around. I wonder what it would have been like to live in those days. For a woman to dress and act like a lady, and a man to be a gentleman. To dress in such beautiful gowns and carry yourself with such pride. My mother had a gown that beautiful made for me, it was my birthday gift, for prom night. The most beautiful gown, with the softest fabric. My hair was done up with gold and red glitter sprinkled throughout. I felt like a queen. When the gown was finished, she made me a beautiful purse to match.

I mean not to say that Baroque life was simple, but what ever happened to simplicity? I have all too often fallen victim to this world, so I cannot say I've maintained the look of perfection that women did in those days. But my desire has led me to believe there has to be another way, than the route that many others and I have taken. Balancing school, full time jobs and children, just doesn't look like it's working. I feel like we should have more time for loving our families and nurturing their growth.

My mother came into the kitchen and saw me day dreaming, gazing in the direction of the Music Box.

She said, "That was my grandmother's."

"Great-Grandma Teresa?" I asked.

"Yes." She smiled.

I thought, 'I'll bet she was a real lady. And I'm going to do her name justice, because I want to be as real a lady as she was, as real a lady as the figurine.'

A bit too early or maybe too deep, or perhaps I'm a bit too late.


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