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Bourbon Pecan Pumpkin Butter Pie

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Change is like one of those wonderfully horrible things. They are necessary and inevitable, sometimes beautiful, always hard. I don’t know many changes that aren’t hard. My parents are moving, my sister and me are taking on the home in Houston, the question of changing jobs or not. Holiday’s that couldn’t possibly go faster, people that couldn’t be consistent if they wanted to be, and what does God want from me, how can I best represent Him in my choices. 

Decisions, confusion, labor, life.

It the midst of everything that refuses to stand still the one constant is that life will always be inconsistent, change will always come, and God is always working on growing us. Even when we think we couldn’t possibly grow anymore in an area, He works, and we suddenly can’t remember how we were any other way. I’m just praying that with the new year, also comes a road of routine that hangs around for a while.

If all else fails, cook. I use to think that I hated to cook, but I think I was more worried about making something not worth eating. However, I’ve found if you truly follow a recipe, things normally come out how they were meant to! Who knew, and I truly get a kick out hearing someone say, “Mmmm … that’s good,” that’s soothing. So I’ve decided for Thanksgiving to make a Bourbon Pecan Pumpkin Butter Pie. The name alone sounds heavenly, and for the few hours it will take to make, and the few minutes it will require to eat … life will slow down and make some sense.


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