Breaking Free

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I have a friend. That friend is an adult now twenty years of age, and that friend had been emotionally abused. But because this friend was African American because she was of a different race she was ignored. This was the way she got punished she was hit with multiple objects cussed at, told she was fat, ugly, stupid and so on and so forth.

It came to a point where it was so intense that this friend started cutting herself. She asked me one day, “what would it be like to die” and I told her that she would have to take that up with god. Her abuser was the kind that in public she would seem to be the picture perfect parent. She hugged and kissed her daughter in front of others and people would think wow,  what a great mom. All the while the girl was hurting nobody noticed the scars, the jagged scrapes that caress her skin. So she thought nobody cared.

Her self esteem was so punctured that she was the most reserved the most quiet person ever. Not only did she have a lot to show but also she had a lot to give. This friend has moved on from her past and is married and has kids. She made a vow that she would teach her kids to love with your words not hate. And I even I struggle with the prospects of emotional abuse but I am getting help. So please don’t think that our over reacting when someone is hurting you, tell someone. Just hold your head up and keep it moving because you are somebody and you will always be. 



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