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Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs

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This morning my neighbor called me to ask me if I had seen her miniature three-legged goat named S’mores. Because S’mores is so agile, she sometimes slips under the fence that separates our properties. By the time I received the message my neighbor had found S’mores and all was well.

There is no doubt that this little goat is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen on three legs. I see her every morning, noon, and night running around her property. Many times I see her tearing around at lightening speed, seemingly having a great time. In fact, I’ve never seen a goat run so fast! S’mores will often race the length of the fence that divides our properties with my little dog. It is great exercise for my dog who seems to have the athletic inclination of an indoor cat.

It is highly probable that S’mores doesn’t know she has three legs. She doesn’t know she shouldn’t really be faster and more agile than the other goats. She hasn’t told herself a story about how limited she is. She just works happily with what she has.

Some of us may be tempted from time to time to compare ourselves unfavorably to others. We may feel someone else is at an advantage in life because they possess something that we feel has eluded us. We may feel that because someone has a better resume, a loftier education, more attractive looks, better connections, more money, a more loving family of origin, is brighter, or possesses anything else that we feel we don’t have, we can’t be happy or complete. S’mores doesn’t have the capacity to compare herself to other goats or to think that what another goat has is germane to her experience. She is a living example of what President Theodore Roosevelt said: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

I was reading the Urtext for A Course in Miracles just yesterday and was moved by a passage I read. The passage said essentially that the Holy Spirit asks us to be happy learners. I was very struck by this idea. Once we have processed our story and made peace with it, we can drop the story and choose to be a present and happy learner. Because we are human beings and not goats, there may be a process involved for us. However, we can hold true that we really are much more than any limiting belief or idea we have about ourselves. On the deepest level we are whole. We can remember this inspiring truth when we are feeling as if we are not enough as we already are.


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