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On Brothers and Basset Hounds: Letter to My Younger Self

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Dear Younger Me,

Don’t cut your hair short. Every few years, you will be tempted to do this; if you do, you will immediately miss your ponytail. Plus, tall girls look better with long hair.

When you inherit money from deceased relatives, do not spend it on a trip to Europe with your best friend, Angelly. Although you will have an amazing time watching World Cup soccer in Paris, swimming in Spain, and meeting a retired tugboat captain in Amsterdam, you should really put the money in a retirement account. I know, it’s boring, but it’s the right thing to do.

Ride your bike more. You will spend lots of money on cars and fixing them, but you should’ve been riding all along. It will get you in shape, and you won’t live anywhere where the distances are prohibitive. Plus, the environment and stuff.

Visit and call your brother more. He will be increasingly busy with his job and the hassles of living in Los Angeles, but he will still be the same older brother who built skyscrapers out of Legos, dinosaurs from cereal boxes, and swords from cardboard boxes when you were kids. As you get older, you’ll realize how many experiences you’ve shared with him and how he understands more than he lets on.

Eat more Korean food. Your great-grandparents are from Korea, and although your grandma cooked Italian food to please her Italian-Irish husband, kimchi and bibimbap are the foods of your ancestors. You will be thirty before you realize how good they are.

Get your basset hound from a breeder; if you get one from less savory sources, he will end up having myriad health problems and will pass away when he is six years old and it will break your heart. You should still name him Dudley, however, because that is an excellent name for a basset hound.


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