The Butterfly Effect in Your Life

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There is a metaphor from science called The Butterfly Effect. It’s the idea that something that small, when moving its wings halfway around the world, can cause ripple effects through the atmosphere and travel around the world making small changes as it goes. Those small changes, when added to the movement of other butterflies, can make large changes. The synergy created is greater than one alone.

Every person possesses invisible wings that create ripples affecting other people. We don’t always know who we touch. This website is a means of helping you to realize that you have already touched millions of people just by being you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being you.

Looking at it from the other end, millions of people have touched you through their invisible wings. We do not always see ourselves in the same way others see us. We only see our imperfections. Others see our goodness. Learn to trust and believe in yourself, even if you are the only one. You know more than you think you do. Butterfly Wings is the gift of appreciating each day for what it contains and being patient to see what ripples it creates. It is learning to remind yourself that it is the journey not the product that is life.

Writers especially sometimes concentrate so much on their finished product that they miss the joy of the journey. If you aim for the stars, you stand a good chance of hitting something. Learn to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins. Surround yourself with those people who have positive, encouraging attitudes.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. If you don’t try, you are assured of failure. If you try and end up with a different outcome than you wanted, evaluate that outcome and see what you can learn from it. You do not have to be better than anyone else. You only have to be better than yourself.

Small changes and small events can have amazing consequences—Butterfly Effect! Flex your own wings and create a little turbulence of your own. Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.

You mirror the information you choose to accept and act upon. To change your circumstances you first change your thinking and subsequent actions. Success or failure is not the end of the world. It is only the courage you develop along the way that makes a difference in your life. Every time we face our fear and win, we gain strength, courage, and confidence. A small amount of each of these every day adds up over the weeks, months, and years. That is the real Butterfly Effect.

The butterfly doesn’t know how, when, or why it will affect something or someone else. He goes about his business to the best of his ability. It is possible that the slightest movement from his wings will cause disaster. That isn’t his job. His job is to be the best that he can be. And in the process, he becomes more beautiful.

If you find yourself becoming discouraged and want to quit whatever task you are doing, take a break and remember the butterfly. He doesn’t have to consider the big picture. He does what is best for him, even if no one else notices. He doesn’t continually require the opinion of other butterflies. You are the only one who knows what is best for you and what is the best life for you. Take small steps with confidence because you know you are building courage and strength in the process.


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