Butterfly in Flight

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I am certain that I did not grow up all that fast. I remember sitting in school thinking that the day would never end and that summer would never get here. Somehow, however, here I sit and think about the twenty-one years that have passed since the birth of my daughter.

How is it that twenty-one years have come and gone so very quickly? It seems only a short time ago that I was watching the minutes pass in the middle of the night as she nuzzled against my breast. Wasn’t it only last week that we were buzzing from here to there … ballet, piano, softball … just like bees … happily going about our days’ work. I am certain it was only yesterday that I helped her into her dress for her first dance.

The reality is, she stands before me a beautiful young woman, full of dreams, adventure, and life. There are still a few goals to reach (college graduation is just around the bend and I am sure there will one day be the call announcing an upcoming wedding). But for now, I sit and gaze in wonder. This young lady who so resembles her mother, it would be a crime to pretend we are not related, awes her mother. She is many things that I am not. She is much more empathetic, more trusting, more honest, and much more cautious. Perhaps it is the years that have hardened my view to many of life’s challenges. I would like to think that it is my guidance, my wisdom, my adventure, and my constant and enduring encouragement and love that has given this precious butterfly the wings to fly out on her own.

Now as she begins to take flight, her wings will astonish you with their beauty, her perseverance in the wind will console you, and her kindness and love of life will touch each flower she encounters. I am blessed to have nurtured the cocoon that harbored such a creature.


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