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BZZT! Acute Punctures and the Acupuncture Solution

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This morning I woke up lying on a bed, with needles poking out of my arms, wrists, palms, shins, and ankles.

Oh, and one in my forehead for good measure.

No, I had not fallen asleep while stitching up my holey underwear. Although there are plenty of them strewn around my room. Along with dirty dishes.

A regular bachelorette pad.

Somehow I had dragged myself out of my studio apartment and made it down the street to my first acupuncture appointment with hardly a wink of awareness.

As I came to my senses, I became aware of my goose bumped skin, and what was sticking out of it.

Soft music played. The sound of deep tantric breathing came from a sound machine somewhere. The space heater moaned in the corner as I groaned from our mutual inability to warm up.

While the tiny pinpricks were barely noticeable, what did become rapidly apparent was that my entire right side had gone numb. Everywhere else, it felt like there were shooting orgasmic tingles of bliss circulating through my body.

My right arm may as well have been a detached appendage. A corpse arm. A stage prop.

Throughout the rest of my body arose a buzz like I’d never experienced.

I suppose it was comparable to an uber deep meditation.

Or the blissful high after a cannabis kiss. Back in my college days. Or maybe last week. Who can remember?

As for the disenfranchised arm – I’ve heard tell that the right side of your body stores blockages of accumulated energy relating to males in your life, and the left side relates to your female relationships.

I’d often intellectualized this during a yoga class, or a massage. The way we store stress or emotional pain in our muscles. Hips and backs, especially.

Through stretching, I’d felt the tension melt in small pockets of my muscle tissue, but I’d never experienced a distinct energy blockage quite like this before. Or the release of it.

As mentioned, at first my right arm felt uncomfortable. Asleep, almost. But slowly I felt the energy begin to move and circulate. It was like an amoeba, morphing until it finally joined forces with the tingling that had taken over the rest of my body.

I suddenly experienced what they refer to as "balanced energy." In contrast to oh-so-very-stark amoeba experience.

In any case. Wow. What a difference conjunction makes.

While these sensations were fizzing through my body temple, I experienced a distinct flow of thoughts relating to my father and my boyfriend. Yep, both male.

I felt a wave of forgiveness and understanding wash over me. I have had many struggles with both relationships. Nearly paralleling each other. I realized that by not dealing with my feelings, and by blaming them, I was disempowering myself. Not allowing myself to forgive and be freed.

By brushing away my resentment through silent non-forgiveness, I had created a deep puncture wound in the fabric of my soul-body. A crevasse that any stable relationship would have to jump over in order to exist.

The palpable tangibility of those "emotional blockages," was an experience that helped me wrap my head around the concept of the mind-body connection.

Boom. POW. And there it was, splayed in front of me like peas on a platter. We are what we think. We FEEL what we feel.

I left the session wide awake, giddy, and sighing.

Immediately I rushed home to tell my boyfriend I loved him. He was off meditating on the beach. The underwear were still on the floor, but – lo and behold – my dishes had been washed!

What a guy.

I wonder if he felt the sweeping-clean sensation of emotional release from across town?

Either way, my day was full of release and surrender to the knowledge that everything is inherently perfect, at all times. And that I create my experience with my perceptions, and the way I choose to handle and store my emotions.

And that if I want to create sticky gooballs of energy in my body, I can easily do so by harboring fear or resentment….

But if I want to bliss out on the non-cannabis kiss …

It’s as simple as love, peace, gratitude, and forgiveness.

And a few professionally placed needles for good measure.



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