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Calm Adventures

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Once upon a time … there were these little critters (cancer cells) that decided to go on vacation and hunted for a likely spot. Apparently they had been just lying around, not causing much trouble for about seven years—last having been heard from in October of 1998.

They had originally set up camp in her breast … then when they started to get bombed by the chemo and radiation, at that time, they moved on out. They seemed to like it in the host site for a while but then moved on to the trees (bones) where they have been firmly ensconced ever since. Like all living critters, they have ventured out to see where they can take their next vacation and settled on the shores of her liver, where they have been for about six months.

Some of them didn’t like that spot very much. They kept getting bombarded by heavy rains and storms (chemo) and one day decided to take off in search of greater adventures … so they climbed into their canoes and paddled out into the middle of the stream (blood stream) and started on down the river of her life—and therein lies the mystery of this story. Will they encounter bears along the way, perhaps some white water rapids, or get swamped under the torrential waterfall up ahead?

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of “Christ Against Cancer” …

Another chapter has been added in June: The host needs a vacation of her own. The saga does continue but with a different venue. The torrential waterfalls of chemo are playing havoc with her; she’s tired and needs a break; she’s going away to visit friends and to recoup some misplaced energies … she’ll be back.

Another chapter has been added in July: The July test results came in—those little cells got together and caused some havoc while she was on vacation herself. Things have gone a bit haywire, but all is not lost. A new dam has been spotted up ahead and it’s holding back a river of newer, better chemo, so watch out, you little critters. We’re out to get you.

Another chapter has been added in August: Okay, so that battle was short-lived. It plumb near wore her out, so she decided to stop with those adventures … to stop the chemo. She is sailing on her own now, looking for new friends, new sojourners, and new fun adventures. What will her life now be like? Who will she meet? A new team is ready by her side; they are compassionate and caring, having done this type of trip before. They are called Hospice, and they are prepared … but is she?

Her God already knows the end of this story … so off she trustingly goes, holding in her heart what it is essentially a mystery, non-fiction; but then, she always did like reading a good book.

Stay tuned …


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