The Calvary of the Enemy

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The enemy has you in its snare attempting to strip and make you bare

Look into your own soul

Your soul is like a mirror reflecting back to you—you within its view

What do you see when you are still and you come face to face with what’s inside?

What do you identify within you—which you don’t desire to reside?

You can’t run and you can’t hide from what lives inside

Confront it—don’t run away, or the enemy will use it to keep you at bay

You need help to escape from the grip of the foe—you’re powerless without the shield of the Lord to protect you from the enemy’s schemes

Come to the Lord and claim your shield—no longer stray and be held at bay in the camp of the enemy

Cross over to the other side and be part of a new Calvary—the Calvary of the Lord, where you will be set free from the Calvary of the feign

The enemy has you in a snare, attempting to strip and make you bare

Pushing against the goad is hard—the longer you dwell in the camp of the enemy, the more you will be marred

You can escape from the camp of the foe—your life isn’t based on fate, even though you took the bait from the hand of the foe—it’s never too late to decide that you no longer desire to reside in the Calvary of the enemy

You took the lure when the enemy opened the door and then victimized your core; but you don’t have to reside there anymore

There are new things that lay in store for you—you, can be made brand new! Come to the Lord!

Come to the Lord and tell Him—you’ve had a change of heart and He will rescue you

Ask Him to set you apart from the camp of the enemy—and He will restore you!

Come to the Lord, let him bring you aboard – come into the fold

Transfer to the Calvary of the Lord


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