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Can Fish Oil Help Depression?

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According to a recent study from the American Journal of Nutrition, taking 1,500 mg of fish oil (specifically, 500 mg of EPA three times per day) slightly alleviated perimenopausal women’s depression. This study didn’t rock anyone’s world, but it is clear that fish oil is helpful for many female health concerns. Women may find that, while taking fish oil for general health reasons, feelings of depression, and distress may also improve.

When taking a fish oil, it is important to ensure that it doesn’t have a lot of filler oil, such as soybean oil. You’ll want to buy a reputable brand that tests its fish oil for toxins like mercury, pesticides, and herbicides. If you bite into the capsule and it tastes/smells overwhelmingly fishy, you have a problem bottle. Yes, it is fish oil, but the reputable companies have their oil screened and cleaned so that it’s not repugnant.

Don’t leave your fish oil in the heat, as heat can cause the oil to become rancid, making it taste and smell bad. Also, don’t buy your fish oil from a discount store or overstock store. Yes, it’s cheaper, but you could be swallowing rancid, dirty oil. Who knows how long that bottle has been sitting on shelves?

When reading the label, make sure you’re swallowing 300 mg to 500 mg of EPA per capsule. Don’t buy 1000 mg capsules of fish oil with only 120 mg of the good stuff inside. What makes up the other 860 mg?

Lastly, eat the fish that make up fish oil! Go for fresh-caught wild salmon or anchovies on a regular basis.

Originally published on EmpowHer


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