Can You Help? Do You know?

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Are you tired of feeling? Or are you just numb of feelings. Can you buy feelings? Or even rent them? Sometimes it would be great to think you could stuff them in a box and hide them in a closet. But that would be like putting a band aide on a cut without taking away the knife that did it. When are you really invisible? Is it ever? I believe you can be made to feel invisible. Going through the motions in life of getting up everyday when someone says jump, you ask how high on a daily basis. Did you ever stop to look back and see if anyone even thought to ask you what they can do for you aside from judging you, abusing you, using you, and walking past you? Being invisible might be thought of as being ignored or taken for granted, well maybe to some people that might be. Others may look at it as a combination the control they have in their life and who uses it. When is enough? How long should someone undermine another person? And honestly, I really, really want to know the definition or explanation of what love is? A feeling? An invisible feeling? Letters? Something to use and abuse to get what you want. What price does someone have to pay? And who’s to say they will accept the price tag? The traditional sayings and new slang sayings being tossed around are shields. No one has the guts to admit or display how they truly feel or want to be anywhere they are and whomever they are with. Are we controlled by each other and/or society? How many people really care about anything?

Don’t most people just care for the moment; until they get what they want, or the answer they don’t? After that another thought of caring is gone with the wind and onto something more selfish to wish and Want. Aah! The big one, the true test! Hurting someone or venting? Is it an attention getter? Jealousy, anger, or their own self-esteem taken over with vengeance. To watch people until they have to grovel right before you, because you didn’t want to give a hand up, rather say all the things to bury down as far as you dig. And watching them bleed is self-satisfaction.  So is this sick on your part? Or is it stupid for you to take it? Are you frustrated you can’t go back and get through to the person that hurt you? You’re screaming sooo loud and they still can’t hear you, they can’t even read your lips; you’re invisible. Who’s to say people’s views are distorted and their evil is like osmosis to the people around them. Who relishes from the good, bad and the ugly. Do you rate yourself by: morals, values, standards, material things, looks, money, power, control, or always having that element of being competitive and yet just enough to always be ahead of the others, always. What is brainwashing? Who is to define it? Battered woman? How many days, weeks, years, months, or sentences does it take? Where is the fine line to brainwashing, control, abuse and neglect? All these fancy words and I believe, hate, evil, greed, and cruelty sums up only a centimeter of someone with only himself in mind.

At last, betrayal, ultimate betrayal, is there ever a recovery. Does time heal all wounds? To some maybe and maybe they just say that. How about the ones that are left behind betrayed whom never get past the deception, violation, humiliation. Do they see Dr. Phil? He has all the answers … “Get over it”… sure, my next bowl of cereal and I will. People are mute 24/7 to life and are only intone to their wants from the minute they wake up to the minute they go to bed thinking about what and how they will get what they want and need. Why don’t people ever think about what and how they can help someone, or how they can help themselves? Can you go on living a life with feeling numb and invisible, betrayed and violated? If so how, and for how long. And are you really living?

The answer to true love, you can’t!


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