Catch A Falling Heart

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My daughter and I were recently part of an impromptu circle of love to catch a falling heart just before it hit the ground.

It all started when Charlene, one of my co-volunteers at the library thrift store, asked if I would trade volunteer shifts from Friday to Tuesday since Charlene’s doctor appointment had been unexpectedly changed. I agreed, which meant I was home on Friday instead of volunteering as previously planned.
My daughter, Mary, manages a retail store in town. Mid-morning, she called to ask for help with an angel-errand. Would I buy a fifty dollar gift card, birthday card, and cake for one of Mary’s assistant managers?

Mary explained she had to call the lady in to take the place of another assistant manager who was sick, but felt terrible about it when she discovered it was Cindy’s birthday. Cindy maintained that it was just fine. Unbeknownst to Cindy, Mary gathered enough money from other employees to orchestrate a surprise celebration. Since neither Mary, nor any of the other employees, could leave to pick up the goodies, they were turning to me for help. After Mary’s shift, she told me the wonderful rest of the story, “Cindy cried and cried when we surprised her. After the party, Cindy confided that her boyfriend had chosen that morning to break up with her. To top that off, she only had 26 cents left in her bank account.”

We marveled at the series of unexpected events that took place in order to circle Cindy with love and catch her falling heart just before it hit the ground.



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