Catching Your Breath

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She took a deep breath of salty thick air, allowing her lungs to release the toxic breath she held onto for so long. A single tear rolled down her cheek as she grasped the rusted hand of the bench. Whenever she was scared, stressed, anxious, she let her legs take the lead, allowing them to show her where she needed to go … 

Life had a habit of knocking the wind out of her at the most unsuspecting moments. She felt like a child who fell into the rough gravel, disoriented and seeking anything to ease the shock. But, she learned quickly growing up, the only person who can brush off the dusty debris of pain is yourself. Getting back on the swing is the hardest part. Don’t stop pumping your bruised scabbed legs until you reach the sky. Until you feel the point of no gravity hit and you become lost in a trance of your own thoughts. Only then will lifes answer appear and you will find the starting ground for your next step. 

Toddlers with bulky waterproof bottoms waddled after the scavenging seagulls causing them to fly away squabbling. She was beginning to understand how complex the game of life can be, but simple at the same time. She ran her fingers through short cow-licked hair, looking up at the sky desperate for an answer she knew wasn’t coming. Her wet salty tears disappeared with the misty evening fog. She didn’t know what was going to happen next, she was still unsure of the beat of her heart. The only statement she could trust was that this too shall pass. 

She traced the date into the wet smooth stand and focused on the day’s footprints slowly being smoothed away by an entering tide. The crashing waves jumped, waving goodbye. Instead, she rain towards the cold thrashing waters, giving way to the pain and fear she felt was trapped in her throat. .Trudging back to shore, soaking wet clothes, barefoot, defeated by nature. She collapsed into the harsh sand. This time she accepted the rough, shocking feeling; grasping it even. 

She watched the waves trade with the shore for different shells,, decorating the shore with smooth remains of sea glass, the reflection of the sunset saying goodnight to the stars and the moon. 

She smiled as she touched the sky in the water, glowing moon dripping from her small hands. She understood life’s response. 

This too shall pass.


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