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Celebrating the New Moon in Libra

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Why do I celebrate the new moon each month? The new moon is a time to focus on what we want to create, manifest, and dedicate our energy on in the coming weeks. It’s also a time to gather in a supportive community to see each other and be seen in a way that we rarely get to experience. The new moon is a time to create a space for yourself to breathe, to look honestly at your goals and dreams, and to examine the blocks that stand in your way.  

When I think about working with the energy of the new moon I think about swimming in the ocean, which is pulled by the moon—as we also are. Our bodies are almost 80 percent water, which means the moon has a profound effect on us too.
When we are swimming in the ocean and want to get back to shore we have two choices: one way to do it is to just head on in and walk against the tide coming out. Walking in this way is hard . . . the waves pull you back out to see, the sand swirls around your feet, it feels like you’re walking through quicksand.

But there’s a second way. You can choose to spend a second watching the waves, tuning into the ocean and her rhythm. You could pick a good wave coming in, and ride it. This way, you flow easily with the ocean, quickly being pulled up onto her shore with little or no effort—it’s just joy. Suddenly you are where you wanted to go.

Working with the new moon is like riding that wave. We tune in to the universe and work with her instead of against her. 

This month the new moon is in Libra. Libra New Moon is a terrific time to work on relationships: whether they be work, family, romantic, or friend relationships. Libras can be forceful and bold in their approach sometimes, so get ready to roll up your sleeves and harness this energy to dig deep and examine the relationships in your life.

Our relationships with other people begin with us. Like attracts like, as the saying goes. What kind of energy are you putting out? Sometimes it can be fun to step back and try to see ourselves objectively—what do you think people feel from you when they meet you? What are your strengths in a relationship? What are your weaknesses? 

Another useful tool that Libra can aid you in examining and strengthening is your ability to communicate—the foundation of all relationships. Do you know your communication style? Do people feel heard when they’re talking to you? Do you feel like you are heard by the people around you? How do you handle confrontation? Conflict? This time is ripe to pick up a few books on communication skills, take a workshop, or simply practice listening skills with a friend.

Are you ready to examine the “relationship corner” of your heart? Together we can build a foundation which will serve you in calling the love and respect you need in your relationships into your life.


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