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Chaos Is Beautiful

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Why do so much chaos, confusion, and uncertainty exist in the world today? If you look at all of the crazy weather patterns, the on-going wars, the thousands of foreclosures, the crumbling economic situation, millions of people losing their jobs, people’s 401Ks and college funds being stolen or rendered worthless, it might seem, as some have suggested, that this is the end times!

Like so many people today, I too have been affected by this chaos, confusion, and uncertainty. I lost my house to foreclosure, my car, my dog, had my identity stolen, and even had to sell my wedding rings. If you have endured similar experiences lately, you too may feel as if you have lost all sense of safety and security. 

But, apart from this striking evidence of chaos, confusion, and uncertainty that is taking place in the world all around you, do you also feel as if these are occurring within you? For instance, do you feel an unexplainable sadness and loneliness? Do you seem to have more body aches and pains for no apparent reason? Do you awaken at a specific time in the middle of the night or feel as if you just don’t know who you are anymore? Do you question your faith or any other long-held beliefs, or even your purpose or direction in life? Yet, at the same time, do you feel as if something within you longs to break forth, as if you are on the brink of something grand? If so, then rejoice! You are AWAKENING! You are moving from the illusion of separation and into a new consciousness of Limitlessness. 

The current chaos that exists within you and in our world today is symptomatic of this awakening process. As humans awaken and move into this new consciousness, it may seem like the “end times” but it merely symbolizes the end or the death of the old self and of the old belief systems—those that have kept us in separation and blind to our true, inherent nature as Limitless Consciousness. One interesting symptom is the number of foreclosures that have occurred since, in energetic terms, the house represents the Self. How appropriate then, that there is such an explosion in the number of foreclosures as millions of people move from their old concept of Self and awaken to their new identities as Limitless Consciousness.

Separation is a consciousness based upon a belief system that you are more limited or “less than” Source (Spirit, Divinity, Unity consciousness, or whatever your perception of God might be), simply because you exist in human form. Since the beginning of time, world events, religious institutions, and economic cycles have been solely dependent upon this consciousness of separation, which is responsible for both our limited self-perception and belief systems, such as right versus wrong, or good versus evil. As we move from separation into a new consciousness of Limitlessness, our new self-perception will enable us to experience and give birth to new and undeveloped potentials, ideas, methods, and experiences, some of which the limited and logical human mind might not have even considered or imagined.

Although this transition seems to create a tremendous amount of chaos, it is not a bad thing. In fact, chaos is beautiful because it brings an awareness that something needs to change. If one is willing to look at chaos from this perspective instead of from fear, then one will come to realize that in time, chaos will find a new solution and thus create a new state of balance. Just look at the impact this awakening process and its resulting chaos have already had on human consciousness. It has stimulated us to explore - new alternatives to fossil fuels, new ways to regulate the financial sector, and new emphasis on political bi-partisanship led by a new President whose priority is to change the way government operates.

So you see, there is nothing to fear. We are simply in transition. It’s time to say good-bye to the old for it is neither appropriate nor productive to try and re-establish our old ways of thinking, our old economic models, or our old ways of existence. So embrace this beautiful chaos for this truly is the most significant time in our human history! As you awaken from the illusion of separation and move into a new consciousness, you will come to realize that YOU, as Limitless Consciousness, are the only permanent source of safety and security. 


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