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Cheating Scenario One

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Handsome, unfaithful forty-something husband was on TV explaining why he cheated. Maintaining a calm composure, an edge of irritation was creeping into his tone as he stubbornly defended his “position.” 

When the camera swung to his attractive, twenty-something partner-in-crime, she gestured motioning to him, “But he’s the one who cheated!” Looking perplexed, her eyes widened in disbelief when she was identified as the other cheat. Why the surprise? Was she not part of the trysts? Does she think her sin is absolved because she is single? And him, being the older, married one, should bear the entire blame? Being single allows you to sleep with another woman’s husband without any guilt because he has a lot of explaining to do at home, while she’s home free? So she’s “not hurting anyone at home.” Then, it is not really cheating for her case? 

We can guess it’s marital disharmony that made him cheat … but what’s her excuse? She knew the man was married.

Women in her position should know they have the power to stop perpetuating this unfaithful situation. I guess she used her power in the worst possible scenario. Her defiant, take-no-responsibility demeanor is disturbing. Since the whole thing was played out on TV, I can only guess the cheating husband can’t be having it good at home. Perhaps, a home was already wrecked. Her action may be one of the many marital problems in the household, but hers was likely the final blow to take the home down.


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