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Christmas Eve

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This story contains graphic or mature content.

I thought since it was Christmas Eve, things would be some what normal. Boy did I think wrong. I’m thankful I even made it through the night. We went to his family’s house, and for hours all he did was belittle and degrade me. Well, I’ve finally had enough, so when we got home I asked him if he’d please go stay with his family for a few days. He said if he left, it would be forever. I said okay then, please just go. He packed a bag and went out the door. But he didn’t leave; he came back in after five minutes or so. He then packed some more of his clothes and once again went out the door. He came back in, this time two minutes later, then blew up. I guess he was angry I wasn’t running after him begging him to stay. I saw something in him I never saw before. He always just hits me or does what it is he does to me, but this time he took my laptop he had got me last week as an early Christmas gift and took his phone and threatened to break them both. I dropped to my knees begging him not to. He then laid on the couch and I went to bed. I fell asleep and woke up at 3 in the morning, when he crawled in bed with me. I asked him to please go back to the sofa. He went crazy; he lifted the bed with me on it turning it up so that I could not sleep on it. If you all have read my other post, you know my arm is broken, so I was scared he was going to hurt it worse. I managed to get the bed put back enough to go back to sleep, but I was scared to sleep; I thought he was gonna kill me, so I pushed the dresser in front of the door. I opened the window and had 911 set in the phone, so all I would have to do is press send or call, in case I couldn’t make it out the window in time. I guess what was so scary this time is that he doesn’t do that kind of stuff, he just hits me, but I realized that he will kill me someday if I don’t break free.


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