Christmas Wish

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My name is Donnell and I’m here to tell you how messed up my life is. Well first of all, I feel like I should have listened more because all I do is make mistakes. My life has taken the turn that I thought it would not take. My parents don’t believe in me and I don’t really have friends. I tried college but it was short-lived because my parents’ credit was terrible and I didn’t have any money so I was only there for one semester.

The only good job that I ever had was because of my cousin, Kevin. I worked there for three years until I was laid off by a guy who I recommended for the job. All my parents keep saying is go in the military and be like my father. But deep down inside I know that’s not the path that I’m supposed to take. I can see the promised land; I just don’t know how to get there. I’m a twenty-three-year-old guy who is one step to being homeless. I’m lucky I have a girlfriend with an apartment, but I feel horrible that I couldn’t get her what she wanted for Christmas because of my current situation. I know that there are people out there with worse situations then mine, but sometimes I feel like taking my own life because it’s very hard when everybody turns their back on you. For Christmas, I wish that I could get some kind of training to get a career so that I would love going to work every day and put a smile on my family’s face because I feel less of a man right now and wish I could change that for Christmas.


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