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City Girl

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I was raised in Gary/Hammond Indiana. Always in town, or the near by suburbs. I always lived where I felt in my younger years was “important to live by.” Meaning, the mall, shopping centers, grocery stores—the important places in life, or as I thought.

When I was twenty-three, I left Indiana. I first moved to Lafayette, LA, which at that time was a BIG town, almost a city. Where apartment living and of course location was the key. I moved around due to a marriage to man who also like myself knew what he was looking for. I lived in Nashville, then Louisville, but with unhappiness and pain. I ended up back in Lafayette. For the next ten years. I MOVED countless times. Never finding what I really wanted and needed in my life. I was now in my mid to late forties—still unhappy and incomplete.

Then I found it. It was not the city lights, the mall, or anything to do with city life at all. It was a very small little town called Butte La Rose, La in the Atchafalaya Basin. It was just what I had been searching for. Even if I really did not realize, this was what I wanted in my life. It is only one acre, but it is mine! I enjoy the peacefulness and the beauty. Playing in the dirt has become a passion, gardening. Last summer I grew tomatoes. What a true joy! The more I plant the happier I become—a real purpose.

The simple things bring happiness. It took me half a life time to learn this. But some go a whole life not finding true happiness. I am blessed.


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