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Class Reunions

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My fortieth class reunion is coming up September 25th in Seattle. I’ve never been to one and I think that I would very much like to go this time. This gives me plenty of time to look for cheap airfares. Hmm. Seattle twice in six months. I can’t remember the last time I was there. My datebook had been long since missing. High school wasn’t a very fun time in my life, though it was much better than middle school. Not a lot of people understood me, but now I’m so easy to get to know, and I enjoy who I am. What a difference. I love people. I recently wrote an article about “The Golden Rule: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.” That doesn’t describe life in high school. But I’m forgiving. I’m a happy go lucky person. I’ve struggled through life’s misfortunes in an unorthodox way. Things just happen to me.

I fall in love, like any other person. I love to make people laugh. (especially Bono. His whole body laughs.) I also get depressed, like who doesn’t. But it’s my friends, the music, and the laughter; not to mention the many games of pool that I play that keeps me going, and of course, writing. I guess I’m feeling kind of down right now. But again, I’ll pick myself up. I’m still working on my guitar and the new strings.

Urrhhgg!@#$%^&*!. Almost resembles an email address. I feel like asking a friend to take it over while I’m gone to really break in those strings so that they will stay tuned. Believe it or not, I don’t know how to tune a guitar. Bach doesn’t sound very good when the guitar is out of tune.

I try to help people out when I can, though my hairdresser/friend keeps telling me that I have to stop trying to save the world. I just joined one of those save an animal programs where I pay $20 per month and I adopt an animal. It just feels good to help out. They told me my T-shirt will be orange. BUT I HAVE RED HAIR!

I don’t know what else to say except that I’m tired of all the doctor visits, medications, therapy … too many medications. The menuhenee keep taking my pain pills to get high, I guess. They probably do get pretty high on them; they are so little. They must be addicted to them as well. They’ll probably go through withdrawals (which they deserve). But, I don’t need them anymore. Just Ultram for the headaches. Adios.


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