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Days are tough, with many people complaining.

The complaints range from small things to things that may be large. Complaining is a vehicle that causes discouragement.

Complaining is a sign of disease in one’s life.

Those who complain constantly are showing a sign of frustration. The thing they are complaining about does not always cause the frustration they are feeling. Most of the time there is something else that is leading to the frustration. This could be their home life, job, relationship or problems they see on the news.

When you are feeling frustration it is very easy to start complaining. Do your best to keep your complaints to yourself. Complaining can spread through an environment very quickly. Throughout the day it seems so much easier to complain. If you don’t believe me, think about the last time you complained about something. I would imagine it was in the last hour. Now, think about the last time you made a compliment to someone. Hopefully you can think of a compliment in the last day or so.

To ease frustration we must believe that everything will be all right. By believing the situation will be fine allows your mind to be clear. By clearing the mind of negativity this will help the mind come up with ideas for a solution. Creating a solution is one of the steps to put your mind at ease. Whether the solution is the final result or it is at the beginning stages; solutions cause feelings of accomplishment. By feeling accomplishment this makes you feel a since of being needed.

If you constantly work in a place of negativity you must find time to remove yourself from the negativity. Many people don’t take their lunch break. It is very important that you take your lunch break. The time away from the situation gives your mind a chance to relax. During your lunch do not ponder on the situation causing the frustration. Many of us make the mistake of using lunch as a time to stress about the situation.

Let it go…

Use your lunch as a time to be by yourself or to have lunch with a friend who doesn’t work in your company. Try not to talk about your job in any way. Talk about your plans for the weekend or what you may be doing in your spare time. By getting away from the things associated with the company allows your mind to be free.

Stop complaining and start believing.


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