Contemplating Spaciousness

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When we are feeling limited, frightened, or restricted in some way, we might choose to contemplate the quality of spaciousness. Spaciousness is about limitlessness, expansion, and wholeness. For the spiritually-minded, the contemplation of spaciousness may help us to embrace or become one with our Source.

If we allow ourselves to imagine ourselves, no longer as separate entities with physical parameters, but as part of the universe’s holographic whole, we create a sense of freedom and inner peace. Much of our suffering comes from seeing ourselves as separate, limited, different, or lonely. This practice of contemplating spaciousness through a boundless mind perspective helps us to correct these thoughts and brings us into a mental and spiritual state of unity and oneness.

We may be able to extend compassion to others through the frequent contemplation of spaciousness. In Buddhism, the embracing and encompassing of others through spaciousness is called “the practice of equanimity.” In her book, The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times, Pema Chodron writes, “In practicing equanimity, we train in widening our circle of understanding and compassion to include the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.” When we judge others or hold negativity (often experienced as tightness somewhere in the body), we demonstrate our belief in separateness. In contemplating that our sister is really ourselves, this expanded awareness helps us to recognize that judgment and anger are the sneaky agents of separateness.

A spaciousness perspective may help us to reduce our conflicts with others. Through the practice of equanimity, we might see someone who is bringing up for us untoward feelings, as a teacher, disguised but really ourselves, who is showing us the path to unity. We might ask ourselves “Could we be bringing up unconsciously something in our experience with her that needs healing? Might we make peace with all others and recognize the interconnected and expanded possibilities we have at our finger tips?”

Many times women come to coach with me because they are at crossroads in their lives. They want to be liberated from restrictive identities and a vague or profound sense of disconnection and numbness. The contemplation of spaciousness is often a helpful practice for them. Interestingly, these clients also often want to de-clutter their homes and offices in order to create open spaces. Sometimes a literal de-cluttering process is started in order that metaphoric (mental and spiritual) spaciousness can begin.


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