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Conversation with God

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Remember Me, Lord?

Hi, Lord. Yes, it’s me, Marie. I know it has been a while since You’ve heard from me. That is because everything has just been going great and I didn’t feel the need to call on You. I know it is not fair to come to You only when I am in dire need of help. I should take time to thank You for all the good you have done for me and show my gratitude when all is going well. However, like most, I forget those times and just seem to remember to turn to You in times of need.

Like the time my husband was going through bypass heart surgery and I begged You to be with him and let him live.

Did I ever thank You for that?

Also, when my sister was diagnosed with malignant lung cancer and facing surgery, I was a mess and called out to You in desperation. It was like a miracle when the doctor opened her up only to find that the tumor was benign.

Did I remember to thank You for that?

I seem to constantly be caught up with mundane tasks and forget to stop and just talk to You, like phoning a friend. I’ve been so remiss and You are the best friend I have. No one has done more for me in my lifetime and yet I sometimes forget and leave You alone out there on my doorstep waiting for me to invite You into my heart.
Can You forgive me for that?

Why is it I only remember to call on You when I need a favor? It isn’t fair. Friends are supposed to be there for each other in all kinds of weather. You have been through many stormy times with me and yet still send rays of sunshine my way. What more could I ask for?

I am going to work on being a better friend and acknowledge You every day of my life. When I seen the sun, I will praise You. When I see a flower bloom, I will thank You. When I feel the energy of love and creativity surge through me, I will remember that it is a gift from You.

Up until now, I have taken You for granted because You are always there.. So faithful, so generous, so loving. I will try to imitate these qualities in my own life and become more like You.

Before I go, I have one last request. This one is weighing heavily upon my heart.

My son is going to Afghanistan again, hopefully for the last time. He will be in a dangerous place and needs Your protection. I know it is a lot to ask of You right now, after being so thoughtless in my loyalty to You. But, please, don’t let him be less safe because of my failings.

I hope and trust that You will keep an eye on him and put Your white light of protection around him to keep him from harm. Bring peace to our world so that all our soldiers return home to their loved ones.

I thank you now for answering my plea, knowing that no prayer goes unheard.


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