Crazy? Maybe

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Okay, so even I realize that this sounds crazy.

I’ve been having the worst luck—it’s like I’m the person in the cartoon that the little gray cloud hangs above. It’s been this way for about a year. It comes and goes but overall, it’s always there.

Last week was one of the worst weeks that I’ve had in a while; my car broke down, my daughter was diagnosed with MRSA, money was an issue, my emotional well-being was at a low, I started going through the divorce process, and I decided to stop talking to the person that I’ve been sort of dating since September. Everything just sort of happened all at once. I was really beginning to wonder exactly how much I would be able to handle before I broke down.

On Friday, I had dinner with my best friend and she mentioned (as she has previously) The Secret, and that I should listen to the CDs that she has. I agreed and took them home. I began listening to them on my way home from picking up my grandmothers SUV that I am borrowing for the time being.

Now, I wouldn’t say that I easily fall for anything, but I do like to be an optimist and I consider myself to be open-minded. So, as I am listening to the CDs, I decide that since my cell phone charger just broke the evening before, I should stop in Circuit City on the way home to buy a charger because I had no access to the outside world other than my cell phone. I decide to take the advice of The Secret and think positively—my thought was, “I am going to get a nice and affordable cell phone.” I really couldn’t afford or justify purchasing a new cell phone at this point in time. So I get the greatest parking space and then I go inside and I’m talking to the sales person and I say, “I’d like to take a look at the cheapest phone that you have.” I learn that the phone is $69 and I guessed that I could make it work when suddenly the guy says, “It must be your lucky day! You’ve been approved early for a free upgrade.”

And it starts …

Then, the entire weekend goes pretty well when Sunday comes along and I go to church the same way that I do every other Sunday. I can’t say that I’m extremely (if at all) involved in my church, but I do really like to go. One of the very few ladies I know comes up to me before church begins and asks to speak with me after church; she has something for me. After church is over, she hands me an envelope. I didn’t open it until I got in my car; I figured it was probably a Christmas card. I got in my car and opened it when I realized it was $200 worth of Target gift cards. Now that is completely unexpected and exciting and so helpful—but it gets better! Another lady, the other lady I’ve spoken with on occasion, runs outside to my car and says hi and hands me another envelope and tells me to have a Merry Christmas. It had $200 more dollars in gift cards.

I’ve just been so grateful and I’m really expecting good things to happen to me—and I believe that they are.

Merry Christmas!


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