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Creative Spirit

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We are all slowly evolving into more spiritual beings. We are more aware that life has to be lived fully and in the present. When we become more spiritual we become more creative. The ability to create has always been a part of our being and purpose. It is because we all have purpose that we cannot be anything else but creative. We being as children to wonder and ask the what if questions. Too quickly though we become fearful or confused about our purpose and thus distance ourselves from our creative spirit.

In turn we create chaos and confusion because we are fearful to admit the power that we possess when we create spiritually. Some of us begin to doubt our power to be more spiritually creative. We forget that we too can plant a seed that can potentially feed the world. If we were to believe that our ability to love unconditionally could impact millions then we would try to spread love more often. Yet, we allow our daily routines to intefere with the natural flow of love. The evidence is clear and remarkable. Love creates more love. Acts of kindness create more acts of kindness. The ripple effect is amazing. Our creative spirit or our spiritual creativity knows what to do. We need not reinvent the process. All of us have multiple intelligences that help create things of beauty and illustrate our love for things in nature and humanity. Even when we accidentally create something that could result in detriment, we quickly create the antidote and one of the first ingredients is love and a passion to make things better.

Spiritual creativity rises when we realize that we are part of a divine plan to create in spirit. We see how we are indeed all a part of eachother. I believe as we awaken and become more present we also become more creative. We become more intuitive, perceptive, accepting, tolerant and loving.

We recognize the spiritual creativity in music, the arts in general and even in the way we govern and allow ourselves to be governed. Creative spiritually allows us to connect to each other. We see ourselves in the delicacy of a flower. We feel it when it rains. We feel each other’s pain and we hope to relieve the pain collectively. We delight in the whispers of the universe. We do not need an iPod or cell-phone to hear the connections being made.

In conclusion, we must begin to listen closely to the whispers of the universe. They call us to connect and to love each other. They ask us to create harmony. We understand the urgency to create a better world for ourselves as individuals and collectively. Each of us has the power to create the sweet essence of love. Creative spirits unite. There are more of us awakening with creative hearts and creative spirits. Be in the present and the plan will be fulfilled.


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