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Have you ever wondered if you had a different past, perhaps your present would be different? Or if you had chosen the other side of the road, perhaps you’ll end up in a different place? Or do you think that fate will still lead us here, in a place full of confusion and tears?

Life has a funny way of teaching us how and what to learn from the past. It’s teaching us to run from things that should have been long forgotten, of things that may cast long shadows until it will haunt us again, of thing or memories that should be better kept unknown, and of questions that should never be answered.

Truth hurts—that’s why we lie, to spare ourselves the feeling of guilt and pain. We lie because we believe that we made the right choice, believing that things should be what they’re supposed to be, believing that this is our destiny. But if we want to move forward, does pretending to be happy really work? Does making up stories compensate to what we want to feel? Does lying really help keep the pain away?

So many questions need some answers, but even answers have their price. If we want to know the truth behind all of these, are we prepared to accept the reality of our curiosity or are we just doing ourselves a favor of accepting defeat?

So, have you ever asked yourself if you made a left turn, will things be right? Or are we just to have a similar fate no matter how many choices we make or how many roads we take?


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