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Dana's Insights: One Monkey Don't Stop No Show!

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Have you ever found yourself sitting at the bottom of "the hill" just as you were climbing to the top?

"Rock Bottom".

Have you ever hit "Rock Bottom" and considered giving up?

Well, consider that, if you happen to hit "Rock Bottom" – it could just be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Think about it.

Hitting "Rock Bottom" leaves you nowhere else to go but UP.

And consider that when you’ve got nothin’ else to lose, you’ve in fact, got everything to gain?

If you find you’ve hit "Rock Bottom" don’t give up – STEP UP!

I bumped into an old acquaintance the other day; someone that I hadn’t seen in many years. As we reminisced over a cup of coffee, he reminded me of a story that I had shared with him all those years ago:

It was a very hot morning in July. I was finally old enough to have a "real job" — for money, so on this particular morning I was on my way to work! My younger brothers and sisters were still getting picked up each morning, by Doris, a very plump, very grouchy friend of my grandmothers who was always complaining about something. Doris would cart my two younger sisters and my twin younger brothers off to do volunteer work for the nutritional lunch program that my grandmother ran for the elderly. (See, my grandmother had a built in free labor force – - her grand kids).

Only on this particular, very hot day in July, Doris’ brakes decide to give out at the very top of a very steep hill, at the end of our block. Doris and my brothers and sisters could sense that the car was acting up and that they were going to have trouble making it up the hill. But Doris kept pushing toward the top of the hill, anyway. All of a sudden, just as the car got to the very tippy top of this very steep hill, the brakes and the engine completely give out. The car goes silent. The kids are shocked.

"Uh oh, Rock Bottom."

My sister, who I call Nutsey, recalls it was at that moment that Doris slumps back, lets go of the wheel and says:

"Well kids, it looks like we’re not gonna make it".

Doris resigned. Doris gave up.

Have you ever found yourself in life, like Doris, where the breaks have died and the engine gave out and all you want to do is slump back, let go of the wheel and give up? You have. You know it. And, you’ve probably been there more than once! You’ve been making your way up that very steep hill like a trooper and just when your about to declare that you’ve made it to the top, just when you’re about to plant that victory flag, everything just stops working.

So, the car went silent. The kids were shocked. Uh oh, Rock Bottom!

As the car starts speeding backwards down the very steep hill, my sister Nutsey, grabs the controls and starts wheeling and dealing (and praying), navigating this speeding car toward the bottom of the hill. When the car finally came to a safe stop on our neighbors perfectly manicured lawn and on top of their shiny new mailbox the kids were so relieved.

Nutsey leaps out of the car, throws her hands in the air and yells:

"Well kids, it looks like we made it"!

Doris hit "Rock Bottom" and gave up. My sister hit that same "Rock Bottom" and stepped up!

We have laughed many times over the years when we recall that morning in July when my sister Nutsey saved the day!

Do or die. Sink or swim! Who are you going to be when you hit your "Rock Bottom"!?

This old acquaintance of mine, shared with me over a Grande Mocha, that he has hit "Rock Bottom" on more than one occasion, and that he therefore had many occasions to recall the story about Doris and Nuts. But what he proudly announced to me was that although He hit "Rock Bottom", he turned up the heat! No slumping and no letting go, for him! He held on and pushed through! Today he runs a very successful company.

"Rock Bottom" can be the beginning of "anything is possible"; of "nothin’ to lose". You have everything to say about what is possible for you in any given situation in your life. You may not have the authority to determine exactly what circumstances that you will find yourself in, ultimately, but you have complete authority over whether or not you step up!

And here’s something else, I say — that it’s smart to create Rock Bottom — actually create a floor, right where you are. It is smart to create for yourself, that wherever you are NOW, is your Rock Bottom. Create for yourself NOW, that the only place to go from here, is UP.

Has your deadline just passed? Is your grace period over? "Rock Bottom"?

Did you give it your all and you’ve still come up short? "Rock Bottom"?

Your boss, your client, your vision, your dream. Your marriage, your weight, your commitments, your goals —

Have you hit "Rock Bottom"? Are you about to give up?

Don’t give up!

Step up!

Distinguish your resignation and confront it! — head on.

To be resigned is to submit to despair and it takes you out of the GAME. To resign is to quit. When you quit, you lose. When you slump back, let go of the wheel and kind of wait to "die", chances are, you will.

Perhaps today is the day for you to grab the controls; start wheeling and dealing. And maybe, like Nutsey, you gotta get "Doris" out of the way, first! You may not have the steering wheel in your hand AND that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t take control!

Today, trust yourself. Today, un-resign.

Give up on givin’ up and make the choice to Step up,


Steer your way clear and when you arrive at your destination safely, and victoriously, perhaps you too will throw your hands in the air and yell:

"Well kids, it looks like —

we made it!"


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