Dare to Be Different

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Dare to be different!

Fear? Step on the gas Watch it fade in the rear-view. Leave it fast.

You will have a blast if you choose to renew your life.

Change can be strange. So, maybe you will lose a few friends. But, odds are, that once you have begun changing, 
you will like your reflection more in the looking glass. Facing your fears can only bring more class.

Change is a struggle, but it’s far better than being stuck in the morass of your apathy at the 
pain in the face of your fellow man. Judgment will come for
the ridicule of your sins against others who are different than you. For there, but for the Grace of God go all of mankind. You and I were unkind just today.

Could I take back that laughter that 
came from inside of me when I heard the made up word, “Shim?” 
No, for it is forever burned into someone else’s brain. A man, I would never ever knowingly disdain. God forbid that I should 
die with the memory of my cruelty etched within.

Can he forgive me? Does he even give a hoot what ignorant, and crass people 
really do? Should I expect His forgiveness, and God’s, too? 
Should I expect to be crucified for that laugh of mine? Yes,
I truly do. But, no that sin of mine was driven into the hands 
of Jesus, long before my time. Help me change, Lord, so I don’t do it once again. I laughed at a word that sounded absurd 
even realizing the implications that it had. Forgive me, sir, 
I did not mean to hurt you.

You must live your life better than I 
for you hear that inflection all the time. Perhaps, one day we will accept that other people live in different ways. We must join in the struggle to free them of any pain caused by hypocrites living a lie. Friend, I hope that you are a better Christian, than I, for I must change this hypocrite that is I! As Jesus said,” And the greatest of all these virtues is Love”. He cautioned us to love even, our enemies or die. Loving God foremost makes 
even dead men come alive. Love others, in the sight of God. 

Then, God will make your righteousness come alive. Blessed be 
the Glory of God. May all people fall at the feet of God to 
receive a blessing for not living a lie, but living as Jesus 
Christ lived before we, this present generation ever felt life. 
Michael, please forgive me for not accepting your humanity. 
I acknowledge that you are a child of God.

You deserve
respect from this whole world, but cling to God for He sees 
your true worth. He will avenge you in due time even from people, such as I. I know that it is a little late in coming, 
but I, I do apologize. I always considered you to be my friend, but friends do not laugh at other friend’s lives. 


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