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Dare to Believe

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I am writing this article after days of reflecting and researching. I name this article “Dare to Believe” after receiving the screensaver from Joel Olsteen, the prominent young gospel preacher. I am a person that has had many disappointments in my life from those I love as well as those I am inspired. Disappointments may cause social isolation, bitterness, blocked emotions, and numbness. However, who wants these? For such elements cut you off them also joy and happiness. My time most days are spent either reading books on every subject, writing poems and articles, exploring the internet. I have always been inquisitive and hungry for knowledge. Do I trust/ what do I believe? How do you trust when disappointment has been a theme in your life? Most of us trust what we have been told if given a backup of information. I love inspirational music and over the past weeks, these songs have touched me even more than usual. One of them speaks of praising” God in good or bad times, praising Him whether happy or sad.” The other says “Stand.”

But you ask how can you believe in God that you can not see? Our educators have taught us about people who lived in another day other than ours rather it be Fathers of our Nation such George Washington or even for Elvis Presley has been discuss by our parents but we have never seen them other than maybe books, magazines or some form of vintage media. By person-to-person communication, information is shared of both present and past events and people. Who are seen the wind or air yet they are real. I tend to be like the disciple Thomas who doubted that Christ had risen from the dead until he was allowed to see the wounds from His hands and feet. I will take what one says at face value but I will do some investigating and research.

I’ve done research via the internet to seek information about others and their beliefs such as Mother Teresa, Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King. All these people are now gone but their memories live on. They were poor, in ways stood alone but was among the masses and sacrificed to help others. They were a spiritual people with incredible humility and insight. They believed in God/Jesus in who they could not see. This strong belief kept them standing despite being thought of as strange, crazy, rumors spread and dealing with loneliness. Do I dare to believe? These past days have opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of the value of solitude and the presence of God/Jesus. Through my study and research, I have a clearer vision whether it be by internet sites featuring Joel Olsteen, Jakes, gospel songs of praise and seeking information about Biblical times. The Israelites rebelled and made a Golden Calf despite God bringing them out of Egypt and carrying them safely across the Red Sea. Does that make any more sense than us building our lives without God who has delivered us from harm. I remember Moses stretching out his hands before the Red Sea and shouting ‘Stand and see the glory of the Lord’. My faith today is greater than some years before. The Bible says “Seek and yea will find”.

Disappointments bring victory, readiness and endurance. God takes each disappointment and treats it like a piece of clay to bring our higher in Him and bring us into His presence. With every disappointment He molds, shapes, removes the rough edges which I will call faults, and wrongs (sins),and with each disappoints he continues to bring us to creature who is like Him. Let Jesus be the center of your joy. Disappointments are not for end but for our beginning. The beginning of trusting and believing. It’s not by our successes that we learn but by failures. None of the people that I have mentioned were popular yet because of their faith and belief, they were able to do great things. Keep On Believing!


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