A Daughter of the King

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I am now a daughter of the King, as I wanted it to be.
The change has finally come after the many lonely tears
      I have cried.

Now that I have found him, I’ll run scurrying ever
       to be by His side

My life, I’ll readily hand over to him to do with as He will.
No longer will I be my own, but God’s and Jesus 
      Christ’s daughter alone.

Since I wish to receive a robe and to wear a new
      crown, then in Heaven to reside,
I shall lay all my racial prejudice and religious bias
      to the side.

I will humbly beg His pardon and then carry on my
      earthly ride as only He can provide.
He will build me up and make me strong and pure
      like I was at birth.

With Him by my side, I will have the confidence to survive.

There will now be no difference between Muslim or
       Hindu, Christian or Jew, Buddhist or Baptist;
Any race, religion or creed will do for God accepts
       all who will do as He says to do.

It will make no difference to me for a United World
       is what I’ll see.
From now on, I will worship God and His son, Jesus
      who gave up his life by crucifixion, to atone
              for you and me.

What can mere mortals do to my soul?
       It will lie in God’s hands as to where I shall dwell
                for Eternity.
Heaven is where all the innocent world will go.
       Hopefully, there you’ll find me.

I pray that I am not too late
        in my bid for a place at Heaven’s Gate,
For another Christian Warrior was created and born
        in me today.

There will only be one way for me from now on, and
      that is “Full speed ahead—and those Torpedoes
                 be Damned!” 

Date Written: December 2, 2008
Revision: September 12, 2010


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