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The Day After the Night Before

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Maybe we’ve fallen off of the wagon, maybe we made a resolve but found ourselves faltering, maybe we didn’t behave how we wished we would have and it’s now the day after the night before.

In this moment we always have a chance to begin anew. A Course in Miracles calls this new beginning “The Holy Instant.” In this holy moment, we can create a sacred intent to start anew. In her book, The Gift of Change: Spiritual Guidance for a Radically New Life, Marianne Williamson writes, “Spiritually, we are reborn in any moment we do not take the past with us.”

It’s true that we may have consequences because of our actions; we may have to deal with karmic repercussions. It is always important to try and make amends for our behavior when possible. However, Metaphysical Christian law teaches us that in a moment of Grace all karma is burned. In many of the parables in the New Testament of the Bible, the faithful approached Jesus knowing that if they just touched Jesus, in a moment in his Grace, they would be healed. Of course, this doesn’t mean that if we want to stay in the state of Grace that we don’t have to keep doing the sacred work involved with our life path, but the moment of Grace is a Divine opportunity which can begin the first day of our Divine journey.

If you are suffering from the aftermath of the day after the night before, ask yourself what you might learn from the diversion. How will this misstep inform your walk in the world today? Might you begin again with a firmer resolve? Maybe you will renegotiate the nuances of your walk. Maybe you have been too extreme with your walk, too unyielding. Upon reflection, you might choose to walk the middle way, embracing balance and shadow manifestations.

If we get stuck in our guilt and shame it will be impossible to truly begin again. We will be burdened by the attachment and fixation to what came before. Let us offer forgiveness to ourselves and others in order to insure that we all have the chance to start anew.


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