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I was watching one of my guilty pleasures: Project Runway, when one of the designers stated, “I daydream a lot and things just come to me.” I thought, “When was the last time I daydreamed?”

You know what I’m talking about. You’re sitting on the deck, the sun beating down on you with the sounds of everyday living filtering through your thoughts and suddenly you’re a thousand miles away. My daydreams were little adventures of travel not much suspense and always were in favor of me having an exciting and fulfilling existence wearing fabulous shoes and eating cheese, lots of cheese.

I miss daydreaming. It’s eluded me over the last few years. Why? Perhaps it’s because nothing is left to our imagination in this world of instantaneous results, reports and ridiculous endeavors. Just turn on reality television, nothing is left to wonder about.

I never pondered the handsome knight on the white horse riding up to my balcony and whisking me off to a land faraway. Although George Clooney driving up in a Jeep whisking me off to damn near anywhere did seep into my thoughts, my daydreams were based on the longings in my life. I would be attending the opening in Sundance of the little Indie film that I wrote which is the “sleeper” of the year or imagine myself in a small apartment overlooking the Tuscany hillside writing a sequel to said Indie film.

There were some daydreams about men, however, I was thinner, younger, and sexier in those little clips than in real life which makes me wonder, whose daydream is this?

Daydreaming should be a requirement. Everyone take a few moments to close your eyes and let themselves dissolve in the world of make believe; participate in your own story, the type that brings a smile to your face and a flutter to your heart.

Well enough of talking about it. I’m going to go find a big shade tree that I can sit under and close my eyes and encourage my overworked and confused mind to take a vacation of sorts. I’ll be taller; my skin will have a luminous glow, my eyes bright with possibilities. I see the new improved version laughing while on a big boat, make that a yacht holding a glass of mineral water, scratch that, a dry martini while Marcello, my fine Italian director is begging me to write another masterpiece as he is serving me a platter full of soft cheese and hot bread while Manola Blanik is measuring my foot for a one of a kind shoe that he personally is going to make for me.

Now that’s a frickin daydream! 


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