Death of a Loved One

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My sister’s husband died almost two weeks ago. He was only fifty-one years old and had a aorta dissection. She thought he was having a heart attack, but it was much worse than that.

My own husband has had a quadruple bypass, so I was optimistic that her husband would make it. After two surgeries, two days later he was put on life support with no chance of survival. The brain damage was so severe that he would not be able to do anything for himself. My sister was the one who had to tell them to take him off life support and he died about ten minutes later.

I am so sad now and it has hit me so hard. I also feel so sorry for her and worried about her and her son. She had this son by a previous marriage, but he is also grieving this loss.

I do not know what to do to make everything OK again . . . for her or for me. I didn’t realize how much I loved him until he was gone. Now I feel empty inside . . . sad and I have very little motivation to do anything. I have a part-time job, which has been a relief in some ways. At least I can forget even for a little while the sadness.

But I feel like nothing is certain anymore. I can’t even imagine our family without him. He was the “life of the party” and it is so different without him in our lives.

I wish I could talk to him and know if he is OK now.


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