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To Whom It May Concern:

How to start? It is something I have worked around for along time. After the birth of my first son, I had some baby blues. I never got help! It happened again, about six months after my second son. I started to have a bad time. Ordinary things got hard to deal with. I went to the doctor and talked to family. They were all so helpful, but you have to be proactive about getting better. It is not so easy when you are sick. Knowing where to go and what to say is one of the biggest things. You know that there is so much out there. It makes it very hard to know what direction to go in. People will want you to just get better as soon as possible. They will not understand what you are going through. Only you can try and find a way to get out. It is something that will consume you. Before I got this disease, I did not take it seriously. I would ignorantly think that it was just an excuse that people would make. I now know the hard way. It is very real. It is not a fun or funny thing to have come into you and your loved ones’ lives. I have worked so hard mentally to just get to a place where I can feel okay again. It was as if I became someone I did not know. It was by far the scariest thing to happen to me and my family. My heart goes out to anyone going through anything like this. I hear the news report stories of mothers getting sick and horrible things happening. I am so grateful that the worst thing to happen to us was the father and me separating for a time. Everything is getting better. I feel better, and my relationship with my husband and family is coming back to a more even key. It has taken its toll on all that are involved. We are all looking forward to a new healthy and happier way.
Write more later, take good care because I care.


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