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“Stop the chase and be a witness.”—Dr. Wayne Dyer

Many of us know the pain and suffering of being stuck in desire. Having desire in and of itself suggests that we don’t have something we want. That elusive thing, person, or goal is something we wish for because we don’t feel complete as we are. Of course, there is nothing wrong with desire. Almost all of us have wishes, however, when we find ourselves in pain because we don’t have what we wish for we may want to loosen the tenacious grip that desire has on us.

In his book Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao, Wayne Dyer writes, “Inventory your desires and then turn them over to the unnameable. Yes, turn them over and do nothing but trust. At the same time, listen and watch for guidance, and then connect yourself to the perfect energy that sends whatever is necessary into your life. You (meaning your ego) don’t need to do anything. Instead, allow the eternal perfection of the Tao to work through you.” If we put down on paper that which we want we can commence the movement of peace of objectivity so that we can release the spell of desire. We can become the observer rather than someone who is fighting and losing an internal and dualistic battle.

Whether we choose to journal, write stories, paint, sketch, laugh, chant, sing, dance, or act, through these creative forces we might begin to embrace and then release the hold that desire has on us. Through expression, we can inventory our desires. Once these feelings and desires are released we can dance with them rather than be at odds with them. 


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