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Destination Heaven!

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Creationism is the origin of life on earth as we know it. There is one Creator, the Triune God, consisting of God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. God spoke and by His word, all mankind, all flora and fauna, all birds of the air and all creatures in the waters beneath Heaven were created. God said it; I believe it. You should too! Enough said!

Destination Heaven
People Get Ready: God’s Soul Train Is Coming! Looking for Salvation? – Not Eternal Damnation? Mankind’s Final Destination? Either Heaven or Hell. Without Hesitation, forgo Temptation. You will win. Bad Situation? Begin Meditation & Transformation. For Education, Study your own Reflection. Start by Deflection of Evil’s Intentions. End with Abundant Imitation of the Teachings of Jesus Christ/Our King. God chose Creation to begin Procreation for Him. Try Rumination & Help by Illumination from Jesus! Forget the Worldly Domination/Be a Vessel for God.

This Day, Choose Your Side

Amazed? Perplexed? Confounded? Astounded? Do You Yearn for More? Oh, Please Return to God! Blessed are the Immaculate Hearts of Mary and Jesus! Are Your Sins Fixed? Be Transfixed/Keep Eyes on Sky. Abused? Confused? Hesitant? Relax, He died for You.

And, Now with Endurance, Run the Race to Which We Are Called Forth with All Good Intentions & Faithfully Finish Our Race with Honor and Glory For God!


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