Dichotomy of a Survivor in the “Courtroom”

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The woman that you see walking through these courtroom doors, is NOT me.

It is at best the remnant of the woman that I once was and still desires to be.

When I hold my head up high, depleting all the strength that is in me…wanting…so bad…not to cry!

This is my shell that is on display..for the sake of “Justice” I pray that I can stay, and draw the courage that I need.

It feels as if I am peering down—upon this woman that shares my name and sports her “frown” upside down………

Long enough to hear “the verdict” and all the while….she realizes that the slim sheet of paper will never stop,

The “animal” that stalks her or chase the barbaric behavior of the “one” who took her living spirit…

and buried her alive. And yet, she mechanically walks through the courtroom doors—


While her soul bleeds and her spirit needs “restitution”… Her only hope of revival is to be able to believe

that is was not she that consumed the tainted love of a madman. But, the trusting spirit inside her

that once lived and just too easily forgived the acts that would not stop!!


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