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A Different View on Trauma

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In the Western world, trauma is mostly seen as psychological impact, but there is actually a different view on trauma that not many people do not know about or understand.

One of the most common approaches to healing trauma is to have someone to talk to so that you can be heard and feel understood and supported. That is very important because it can make you feel better and enable you to move on, however, it does not clear out your trauma.

Another approach to healing trauma is to get in touch with yourself by getting into your emotion, releasing it, and undergoing a really cathartic experience. You can get in touch with your rage and anger and allow yourself to feel the emotions and act them all out, and while this may feel good for a while, it doesn’t bring lasting change, and I am speaking from experience.
The reason why these approaches and several others do not work is because when trauma happens, it is not just a psychological impact. It is literally a physical and an energetic impact. Think of your physical makeup like so: you have a soul, you have a spirit, you have a body, and you have a nervous system inside of your body. Life and life energy comes into you through each of these components and makes you feel alive through flowing freely through you and your nervous system. Your senses are connected to your nervous system and you are feeling and experiencing the world through your senses so that when you experience trauma, especially as child at an early age, you cannot handle it. For example, if you try to blow too much electricity through a cable that is not wired for it, it will cause short circuits, just as trauma will cause short circuits in one’s nervous system. Therefore, the energy that used to flow freely through you as child comes to a halt and gets stuck in your physicality and in your body and because it feels too horrible to be in the body anymore, we unconsciously leave our bodies.

So, when you experience trauma, you leave your body, the energy gets stuck in the nervous system, and you can’t really live freely and experience life as you could before. This different view on trauma focuses on the energetic and physical impact and in order to release it, you have to work that pathway. While talking, having a support, and getting in touch with your emotions is good, it will ultimately not release the trauma from your nervous system. In order to do this, it is really important for you to re-inhabit your body and there are several, gentle ways that you can do this without reliving the trauma. It is really more about being here in the now, learning to feel again and using all your senses so that you can slowly but surely “thaw” the frozen energy from your nervous system and release it.

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