The Discipline of Sixth Sense

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Instinct, gut feeling, or perception—every single one of us have had moments when a premonition has been proven right. Then for us to simply to doubt it later. Whether it in fact the experience was your intuitive talent at work or merely a timely co-incidence. After all, your sixth sense is a only “acquisition of information without using rational reasoning and logic,” right? Perhaps not!

If dependable research studies are to be understood then your sixth sense is probably an amalgamation of past information, increased sense of observations and a skill to look past the clear and the truth. According to research executed by Professor Gerard Hodgkinson of the Centre for Organizational Strategy, Learning and Change at Leeds University Business School, intuition really is the result of your brain’ s information processing system. Several other research studies have also put forward related theories.

In laymen terms the essence of these reviews can conceivably be explained in these words – Your mind is separated into two parts—your conscious and your subconscious. Research reveals that a conscious mind can process intellectual information at a rate of up to nine thoughts at a time whereas your intuitive mind can process around two million! The information being introduced to your conscious mind is just a small part of what is processed by your subconscious.

For instance, let’ s say you have a gut feeling concerning not taking a particular road to an important engagement and recognize soon after that had you not followed your gut feeling you would have been caught in a huge traffic jam. Now, it is reasonably probable that you had heard something on the radio concerning major highway mending work going on in that region a few days back or overheard chunks of discussion between your colleagues that you would not register in your conscious mind, except your unconscious mind remembered the information. Therefore, what you thought was a gut feeling was truly a conclusion centered on the information that your conscious mind already possessed.

This means that in technical terms intuition is the result of your past experiences. Your intuitive accuracy consequently depends on the quality of these experiences. Going back to previous illustration, had the conversation you overheard between your colleagues not been founded on factual information your feeling may have proved to be incorrect.

So, is sixth sense in fact a science? Well, the best answer to this inquiry possibly is that although the scientific village may possibly not go as far as calling sixth sense a science, research reviews do propose that your gut feeling may well in truth be founded on solid information when it comes to processing enormous chunks of data.

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