Ditto for Aussie Debbie Shaw

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Maybe it is not such a strange thing for another woman named Debbie Shaw to have been brutally raped in her home where she lived as a single person in mid-twenties.

These memories are of my experience and I am going to do my best to put them down for you to read as well as the other D Shaw did recalling her’s.

I had only moved into this flat/unit about eight or so weeks earlier and had been distracted from my new surrounds by friends and work filling up my time but after my work ended I found myself at a loose end and without any transport/cash or available friends to busy days so I started to take leisurely strolls around my new neighbor hood and discovered that across the road from me was a hostel for men and got talking with a couple of interesting characters that lived there one of, which was a tall man with tattoos and stocky build (not fit, just big and scary).

The nicer guy of the two invited me to the hotel around the corner for a couple of drinks and a game of pool. I didn’t know the scary guy would be there too. Almost immediately the big guy started handling me in a way that made me feel threatened and I snuck out back to my flat only to be followed back there by him and have him smash his way into my home and punch me unconscious when I came too he had torn my clothes of so roughly that I had cuts from the tearing material inside my armpits and crotch he was raping me it went on for ages he was not going to finish and leave like most other victim report you may have herd this man was planning a wild time acting out twisted things that he would tell me first and then do. When he announced he was going to rape me with a knife I knew I had to fight back. I managed to grab the knife before him and swung it at him which did very little but make him angry he threw me to the floor landing on top of me and for the next several minutes we grappled with the knife my hand bleeding from having to hold onto the blade to prevent him getting it and trying to kick him off me with my feet when I felt his blood running over me and I said, “Get off me you bleeding to death,” I remember his face changed as if he arrived in reality and was almost robotic as he got off me. Naked and with the knife in my hand still and covered in blood from head to toe and running from both of my hands which I thought for sure as least two fingers where nearly severed because of the numb feeling I ran to nearby neighbors house and the called the police and ambulance. (Funny how all this guy had done and was going to do and still I did not want to hurt him.)  

There is more to this story but to get to an end he was put in jail and fifteen years later here I am writing this.



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