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Divinely Feminine: What is the Divine Feminine?

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What exactly is the divine feminine? You may have heard of Shakti (also referred to as Devi) if you do yoga or have read a book about spirituality. Let’s get to know a little bit more about Shakti and what the divine feminine is all about. That way you can get an idea about how you can claim it in your own life!

Shakti is a Hindu goddess and what makes her so delicious is she is multi-dimensional, just like the modern women. She is the ultimate and all goddesses are a manifestation of her. The Sanskrit translation for the word Shakti is “power.” She is the personification of the creative power known as the divine feminine, the one that manifests cosmic energy. She is the originator of love; she kicks the butt of evil forces and restores balance to your life. Also referred to as the divine mother, she is thought of as the source of all things that are wise, strong, peace, prosperous, sexy, abundant, and so many other luscious things.

The divine feminine can be experienced by feelings of bliss, through movement, keeping your head up and heart open, speaking words of love, listening to music, and anything that applies to your senses. You get to decide how you want to experience it. Long story short, it is all about coming BF (best friend’s) with your DF (divine feminine).

Shakti gives us three superpowers that can be incorporated into your life to make it more delicious:

Itcha Shakti- 
power of the mind which relates to what you desire, it is your willpower.

Krita Shakti- the power of action; this is your superpower that enables you to “bring it” anytime you want to. Massive action equals success.

Jnana Shakti- this is your power of knowledge which taps into your soul; this is your wisdom where you experience the present moment and anticipate the future.

When you incorporate the energy of Shakti into your life it explodes in all areas from love, business, relationships, sex, and everything your heart desires. You become electrical. Anyone who beholds Shakti is inseparable with her, she is always with you.

With the help of the divine feminine you can claim yourself power which enables you to live your life by design and not by default. Marianne Williamson hit the nail on the head she said, “your playing small does not serve the world”. You are already who you are meant to be. The question is when will you let your divine feminine power out into the world? You’re divine.


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