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Do You Feel the Power?

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The healing power of music is so profound especially with your moods. Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day routine of life, it's time to slow down and relax. You deserve to take some special time out for yourself!

Put on your favorite Etta James selection or classic rock tunes which seems to invoke our days of youth and falling in love. Let's boogy down to a little Kool and the Gang or Michael Jackson, and get into shape. How about your favorite Adelle tune?

Paul Collier is a pianist known especially for his tunes in deep relaxation and meditation.

He arranges his music with Binaural Beats. This technique was first discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. These beats are best listened to with stereo headphones.

These special beats are two different tones set to two different sound frequencies. Brainwaves pick up on these beats. The end result? A reduction in anxiety and depression which can provide other health benefits, including control over pain.

Listening to these Binaural Beats can create better concentration especially for test taking and sleep benefits. So if you slip into a funk, just bring out your favorite music. Before you know it spirits have lifted and you are well on your way to a better attitude and newer you.

Our emotional well-being is so important and sometimes life does get a bit tough. Music has the power to uplift your moods and put you in the power seat for the rest of the day!

So right now, go ahead and grab your favorite CD for the road and start jamming!

You will be glad you did-


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